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Kiyan Anthony gets claimed as the: “Best NBA son”

Kiyan has achieved something that many star kids have not. A fan commented, “Yea he’s the best NBA son rn”. The first one he gets compared with is obviously Bronny James. At this point in their careers, fans would not hesitate to rank Kiyan above Bronny, although the latter is about to step foot into the NBA. A fan wrote, “Him and Alijah Arenas are who y’all think Bronny and Bryce are“. 

If you are wondering who Alijah is, it is none other than Gilbert Arenas’ son, who is a 6’5 shooting guard at Chatsworth High School. Kiyan, as mentioned above, has the same mentality as his dad. Carmelo Anthony was one of the purest scorers in the league back then, and fans are claiming the same about Kiyan. A fan commented, “This man is like his pops fr a true bucket getter.”

Kiyan is the center of attraction now and it is evident that fans are noticing his performances lately. The 17-year-old dropped 42 points just a day ago, which a fan highlighted, “He had 42 yesterday and 35 this morning, tuff”, crediting him for his consistency. 

In the modern NBA, not a lot of players at the age of 18 or 19 have found success in the league. However, netizens believe Kiyan should enter the draft early. A fan wrote, “Bruh belongs in the league. Not even a question… No disrespect to other guys but he been dropping 30 pieces for years now lol He Certified man.” That’s a rare compliment, isn’t it? 

Who would Kiyan play like in the NBA? Many would claim Carmelo Anthony, just because he is Kiyan’s father. However, a fan on Instagram noticed that the young hooper moved just like Los Angeles Clippers star Paul George on the offensive end. A fan shared, “He really like Paul George”. All these comparisons make one thing clear. The fans are ready to watch Kiyan go pro!

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