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Charles Barkley Looked Ready To Punch Annoying Heckler: VIDEO

Charles Barkley looked ready to rock a heckler during an intense exchange.

A man who goes by the name of Snarp is known for going to sporting events to try to upset different fan bases. I'll admit that some of his content can be pretty funny. A lot of it is very cringe and weird.

His exchange with the legendary NBA player turned pundit nearly took a dark turn when Snarp heckled Barkley over having no rings.

Smart. Very smart decision to heckle a dude who has accomplished more in life than 99.9% of people. Barkley wasn't having any of it, and indicated he was ready to knock Snarp on his butt.

You can watch the moment unfold below, and hit me with your reactions at David.Hookstead@outkick.com.

Charles Barkley gets in an intense exchange with heckler.

Look, it's all fun and games until someone decides they've had enough of your nonsense. It can stop being funny real fast once that threshold has been crossed.

People don't like morons getting in their space saying stupid things.

At the same time, a reaction is what Snarp is looking for. He wants Barkley to overreact and do something stupid. As the advice goes, compare the W-2s before thinking about getting in the mud with the pigs.

Barkley has way more to lose than any random clout chasing prankster. That's just a fact, and when you have something to lose, I suggest putting one foot in front of the other and walking the hell away.

Of course, it's always hilarious when one of these dudes gets lit up, but that doesn't mean it's a smart idea.

Charles Barkley looked ready to punch a heckler (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

 Should Barkley have put this guy in his place or did he make the right call by walking away? Let me know at David.Hookstead@outkick.com.

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